lundi 26 janvier 2009

Le Promenade à Ile-de-la-Cite

Rick Steves...the true love affair of Paris.  My roommate's relationship with him has been thus far, perfect.  He says all of the right things, takes you to the right places, entertains you with his witty humor and enlightening insight, and he never disappoints you.  He is the travel expert for Europe and indeed, his recommended historic walk of Paris did not disappoint. 

We started on Ile-de-la-Cite; where Notre Dame, La Conciergerie, and Sainte-Chapelle sit.  Going through the church is almost unreal and several images of the Disney's Quasimoto appeared in my head.  The flying buttresses, gothic arches, and cement carvings of gargoyles literally take your breath away (cliche, I am aware), BUT in my defense, there is nothing that can prepare you for the site of such a historic undertaking as that of Notre Dame.  Underneath, we toured the Roman crypts left from thousands of years ago and read about the destruction of thousands of Roman homes in the renovation of Paris into what you see as the historic and grand version.

We walked across the Pont de Palais, a bridge that takes you into the Quartier Latin.  This section of the city is renowned for its young student life and boutique shopping.   I bought my first Italian leather shoes, a pair of black boots, so I will finally fit in the the Parisian culture.  They were on sale, as right now is "solde" season, so I was urged by locals to buy anything I wanted now.  

We walked back through Ile-Saint-Louis through narrow streets by cafes and patisseries, that if I had no self-control, I would have overtaken.  The aroma can be smelt from blocks away and the crepes are to die for.  Walking by each boulangerie, I have to look the other direction or my jeans will not fit in a month!

I did, however, with Marie and Katie (my roommate), go to a small Brasserie on the right bank where I indulged in a crepe-a-sucre and a small choco.  It was delicious and too small, but this probably explains the size of French women.  I am almost glad the food is so expensive and that I have to walk miles to go anywhere.  

C'est la vie, je divine.

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