mardi 24 mars 2009

Am I on the upward or downward "mental" curve?

When studying abroad, you are briefed before the semester as to the psychological conditions that you will experience.  Apparently you start with a momentary "infatuation" and become intoxicated with an international high.  Then, suddenly, you become aware of how different you are compared to these odd people and start the downward decline, entering a trough of depression and anxiety, questioning who you are and if  you fit in.  Then, after realizing that this is not so serious and that you can assimilate into other cultures while simultaneously retaining some nuances of individuality, you start your recovery back to a stable state of happiness and self-peace.  Where am I?

Ok, whatever.  I've been pretty fine this whole semester and I think I'll get through the rest without any severe mood problems.  It seems to me that I have been completely unmotivated the past several weeks and therefore have not blogged since February.  Shame on me, but whatever.  I had guests and midterms and (I know, excuses...).  

I was so excited to see Lisa and Kelly as I've been impatiently waiting for two months, thinking that time is passing so slowly meanwhile their Spring break snuck up on me and slapped me right across the face.  WAKE UP!  It's halfway time and I'm just realizing how fast time is moving.  I spent several hours finding Lisa at the airport, which was an hour RER ride from Porte d'Orleans including the entertainment of several accordion players, self-proclaimed singers with microphones attached to their portable speakers, and other interesting (and sometimes smelly) people.  I enjoyed a card from the Cat House and treats sent from my sister.  Lisa and I started with a tour of Ile-de-la-Cite and the Latin Quarter.  We ate out at Le Petit Pont across from Notre Dame where we enjoyed the flowing harmonies of an impromptu pianist with our beef and veal.  

Centre Pompidou, Louvre, Musee d'Orsay, stairs, walking, metro rides, more stairs...occasionaly Waffines...I kept them both pretty busy and their feet (all four, I'm sure) wanted to murder me.  Especially Kelly's.  We had cheap cocktails at the infamous Auto Passion, more well known as creeper-central, though we unfortunately missed the strip shows.  Tant pis!

After my friends spent their week here, Katie's sister came to visit for one week.  What a difference between those two women...though I place 100% of the blame of my new 24 addiction on Kelly.  Thank you...but really, thank you.  Obviously now we know Kim is a slut and Jack should rule the world.  Instead he'll probably just become a fugitive again...when will people learn that he's just Jack Bauer...can't get any better.  I did complete half a season while babysitting into the dark hours of the morning (I am referring to the grey haze between "night and day" that one experiences around 4am while still watching a 5 year-old outside of Paris proper).  Wonderful, less than 6 Euros per hour for compensation...Just what I had in mind for a Saturday night.  I especially enjoyed the walk home, alone, in the deserted streets that I've had special encounters in before.  I do carry mace though (as the guards at the American Memorial can attest), plus I have Corie across the ocean to take care of any issues (where was she when the Eiffel Tower was closed and Lisa needed a boost?).  I'm still so sorry about this Lisa!

This Friday I will be heading off to Fontainbleu and Vaux-le-Vicomte, two castles outside of Paris.  I will write more (hopefully before I forget) on these excursions after they happen.  As for this entry, I'll keep it short for those readers who get sick and tired of my rantings after the first paragraph. won't have made it this far...Tant pis~!

PS- Let's not even get started on Versailles...I could definitely live in the Chateau, the get away, the get away from the get away, or the Hamlet...that would not be an issue.  Kelly and I are considering writing our proposition for a show, The Sun King, to rival The Tudors.  We will succeed.

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  1. magnifique. (one of the french words that I love). I give this compliment both to the pic where you stand in front of castle? chateau? and also to this paragraph " Then, after realizing that this is not so serious and that you can assimilate into other cultures while simultaneously retaining some nuances of individuality, you start your recovery back to a stable state of happiness and self-peace." So beautifully expressed. Make sure you save a lot of your posts and write a book one day. Hope your yin/yang are balanced now!! Good luck

  2. We will write a bitchin TV series.